Spring 2020 Lectures with Steve Butler

Review of differential and integral calculus. Notes (filled)

Integration by parts. Notes (filled)

Integration of trigonometric functions. Notes (filled)

Trigonometric substitution. Notes (filled)

Partial fractions. Notes (filled)

Numerical integration. Notes (filled)

Error estimation for numerical integration. Notes (filled)

Improper integration. Notes (filled)

Additional practice for integration. Notes (filled)

Exam 1 review. Problems (solutions)

Exam 1 Q&A (notes)

Volume by cross sections; disc and washer methods. Notes (filled)

Volume by shell method. Notes (filled)

Arc length. Notes (filled)

Surface area of revolution. Notes (filled)

Additional practice for geometric applications. Notes (filled)

Work and fluid pressure. Notes (filled)

Mass and center of mass. Notes (filled)

Parameterized curves. Notes (filled)

Arc length and surface area for parameterized curves. Notes (filled)

Polar coordinates. Notes (filled)

Graphing in polar coordinates. Notes (filled)

Area in polar coordinates. Notes (filled)

Lengths in polar coordinates. Notes (filled)

Exam 2 review. Problems (solutions)

Exam 2 Q&A (notes)

Sequences. Notes (filled)

Series. Notes (filled)

Integral test for convergence. Notes (filled)

Comparison tests for convergence. Notes (filled)

Ratio and root tests for convergence. Notes (filled)

Additional practice for convergence tests. Notes (filled)

Alternating series; absolute vs. conditional convergence. Notes (filled)

Power series; radius of convergence. Notes (filled)

Additional practice with the radius of convergence. Notes (filled)

Taylor polynomials; Taylor series. Notes (filled)

Convergence of Taylor series; error estimates. Notes (filled)

Binomial series. Notes (filled)

Application of Taylor polynomials and series. Notes (filled)

Sequences/series Q&A. Notes

Weekly recaps with Dane Mayhook from end of course